March 20, 2018

Model 300S

This model (same base as 300T) is commonly used as a mooring buoy. Graphics are correct for use when mooring buoys in Canada

*Contact us for the US specs on this water product.
We are 1/2 manufactures at this time

About Our Product

  • All buoys are made of polyethylene.
  • The material contains UV inhibitors. They are rotationally molded.
  • They are manufactured in the Okanagan British Columbia Canada
  • All models (except the Model 610) have a stainless steel wear ring at the attachment point
  • All models (except 610) are available in suitable colors for the application. IE white for swim area, control buoys, information buoys, yellow for hazard buoys
  • We have standard graphics as well as custom graphics
  • We sell to individuals, stratas, city parks, provincial park across Canada

Ordering Your Buoys, Markers & Moors

Waterfx can handle any size of order. For larger orders just give us enough heads up to complete your order on time.

If you are looking for buoys, and swimming markers for private use at your home or cottage, then this is what you’re looking for. This goes for private beaches and clubs requiring rope floats and other water products. Our markers fit well for municipalities with beaches that need to mark their swimming boundaries.

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